I’m Risa. I’m twenty-six years young and live in Philadelphia.

I’ve got a love for food that comes with high standards. Fresh and local may be buzzwords, but they are for a reason. I love to know where my food comes from, why it’s good for me, and how delicious it will taste. Awareness is at the core of my healthy lifestyle.

For me, a heathy lifestyle also means eliminating dairy, gluten, and eggs – triggers of thyroid and digestive issues I’ve been struggling with for years. Food plays a big part in my life for many reasons. It’s sustenance, entertainment, a hobby, and at times, an enemy.

I’m writing because I want to cultivate open-mindedness, understanding, and interest in different health and diet choices. People should adopt the healthy habits that work best for their body and their life – the answer is not the same for everyone. I am constantly exploring and experimenting with ways to eat and live well. Sharing my experiences, I hope to help others feel their best and have a damn good time doing it.

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