A Reintroduction

Hello! I’m back, 6 years later (almost to the day). I’ve been doing a lot of creative cooking recently. At the request of those enjoying the meals, I’m now writing down some recipes.

A lot has changed in the past 6 years – I started a cidery, got married, bought a house, lived through a pandemic – and notably for this blog, learned a lot more about my body and dietary needs.

After many years of learning and experimentation, I have a pretty clear list of what foods are good and bad for my body. I eat a primarily grain-free and plant-based diet. To go into more detail:

  • Avoid grains (absolutely no gluten)
  • Avoid dairy
    • Goat’s milk dairy on occasional has been okay!
  • Limit animal protein
    • Avoid red meat and poultry
    • Limit fish (1-2x per week)
    • Limit eggs
  • Limit sugar
    • Go for in-season fruit, coconut sugar, local honey, and maple syrup
  • Limit lectins (read more about lectins in Plant Paradox – overall it sounds a little out there, but eating low-lectin worked well for my body)
    • Avoid soy, peanuts, cashews
    • In season fruit and vegetables, avoid skin and seeds
    • Legumes pressure cooked or fermented only

So what do I eat? A lot of resistant starches (sweet potatoes, plantains, cassava), almond-based foods (almond butter, almond-milk yogurt), healthy fats, and fermented foods. You’ll see me building meals around tempeh, jackfruit, and hearty veggies often. And there’s a lot of great grain-free and almond focused brands that I love, including Kite Hill, Simple Mills, Siete, Mikey’s, and Soozy’s.

However, my approach to diet has always been that it’s personal. There is no one size fits all. While my recipes accommodate my needs, I will always recommend substitutions or alternative options so you can make them your own.


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